Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in your pricing?

Quoted prices are complete.  Your price includes color separations, typesetting, color proofs, printing, and packaging of your product.  We do not “bait and switch” - our advertised price is inclusive, and free of hidden charges. All prices are exclusive of shipping.

Who handles customer service?

We are a completely “Human Based” operation.  While we use the latest technologies in reproducing your artwork, we believe that old-fashioned person-to-person interaction produces the most powerful results for customers.  You may e-mail us instructions or files if it’s convenient
for you, but a human voice is always available to discuss your project in detail.

How long does it take to process an order?

To give you the maximal price benefit, we combine the printing requests of several museums and galleries.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get all of the myriad approvals done and ready for press.  Generally your work will be completed in less than six weeks.  If you order a minimum of eight postcards, or four note cards, that timeframe can be reduced to less than 4 weeks.

If you are in a time crunch, please contact us to work out shorter timeframes.  There is always something that we can work out to make sure that you get exactly what you want, when you want it.  We measure our success in one way - customer delight!

What if the color proofs don’t meet with our approval?

Simple – we’ll rework your files until you’re satisfied with the result.  Most of our scans are approved on first proof, and we understand that each individual has a different eye for color.  Rest assured that we will do everything humanly possible to satisfy the “color eye” of the most discriminating curator.

Can I ask for special artwork enhancements?

Yes, we can do almost anything that you feel needs doing.  We can remove almost any glitch in a photo.  We can touch up flaws that are caused by lighting or other photo imperfections.  We can silhouette images to remove display stands or an unwanted background.  Almost any special request can be accomplished, and we are happy to quote any extra-ordinary work in advance of beginning a project.

Can I bleed images?

Yes, while many curators object to the cropping of artwork, we do bleed images on a fair amount of museum work. There are no additional charges for bleeds. As a note: more and more museums are bleeding their images - images that bleed have a greater visual appeal and therefore sell better.

Do you offer creative services?

Yes, we do much of the design work on prints and boxed note card sets that we produce.  Layout and design are included in the base price of each project, and we’ll work closely with you to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Do you stand behind your work?

We stand behind our craftsmanship 100%.  If our work has an unacceptable variance from your approved proofs, we will rerun the product - no quarrels, no negotiation, no whining.  Your complete satisfaction guarantees that we will enjoy a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

Can I order a single card or print?

Yes, we are happy to reproduce a single image.  It’s not necessary that you send multiple images in order to enjoy the benefits of our prices.  Many museums order single note cards or postcards to showcase a particular masterwork or promote an upcoming exhibition.  Your single image will receive the same prompt, careful attention as a multi-card order.

Can I get samples or references?

Request a sample pack and it will be sent out promptly – usually the same day.  References encompassing some of the finest museums in the country are available by phone request.

If you have additional questions, please call us at (800) 828-2232.

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